Alfa Romeo Guilia TZ1Recreation

five speed manual
72.387 km

Alfa-Romeo Guilia TZ1 recreation by John Weinberger the official Ferrari/Maserati dealer, vintage racer and member of the Sports Car Club of America. In 2005 he bought an original tubolare Zagato from Felix Chiu. This car had a long history in American racing ( Around 2013 JW used the cars of his collection more for touring than racing. The TZ wasn't suited for touring since being a full race car, so JW decided to built a TZ 1 road version. This resulted in a painstaking reconstruction of his original TZ1. He decided to built the body in ''vetro resina''as per 4 last TZ's built by Zagato. It took 4 years to finish the reconstruction project and both cars looked identical! UnfortunatelyJW passed away in 2020 and some of his cars were sold including this reconstructed TZ1.The car comes with Belgian road registration papers, FIA fiche qualified in GR F cars from 1962-1965 GTS Grand Tourisme.Fantastic car, ready to be enjoyed !!

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